becoming a noonday collection ambassador

by now, many of you have already heard me rave about Noonday Collection. but in case you haven’t, here is my journey so far.

Noonday Collection, a fair trade fashion company dedicated to partnering with artisans in vulnerable communities to ensure sustainable, dignified work. artisans from around the globe, representing over a dozen countries, collaboratively design pieces as well as hand-make each piece Noonday Collection offers. Ethical, sustainable, fair, dignified, beautiful; Noonday Collection.

let’s be honest, my journey to becoming a Noonday ambassador was not simple or short. I considered, prayed, and talked about the opportunity for a while before ever getting really serious about it. I poured over the website, the blog, the ambassadors on ig. and my mind kept coming back to the potential + capacity this partnership would have for empowerment + impact.

and again with the honesty, I was most hesitant because I doubted my own self + my community. were my friends + family + sisters really willing, and prepared, to join me in this mission of hope + restoration? like founder Jessica Honegger doubted with her first “trunk show” in her start up of what would later become Noonday Collection, I too doubted. I doubted, right along with Jessica, that even my closest circle wouldn’t show up for me and wouldn’t care much about the work + mission of noonday.
I doubted.
I doubt.

that’s the frightening thing about sisterhood, right? what if I reach out my hand, vulnerably, + no one shows up to embrace it? what if?
that’s doubt.
that’s fear.
limiting, this doubt tempts me to pull away + isolate. can you identify with that?
I’d rather not even stretch out my hand to another at all, than to reach out for a hug + have her walk right past me. you know?

but I was pushed out of that space. because that space? that space of fear + doubt clouds the truth.
and the truth?

women are better together.
our power + privilege isn’t only for ourselves.
creativity + artistry are the thread that pulls us up + together.

Noonday Collection is empowering women, creating tangible change across the globe, ensuring sustainable + dignified work for vulnerable communities, and giving women like me an opportunity to be a part of it.

yes, yes, yes.
out of that clouded space of doubt + fear, I found myself standing in truth, in courage, + in freedom. I found myself standing hand-in-hand with sisters around the corner + around the globe, standing in that gap. I found myself standing as a Noonday Collection Ambassador.

this is my journey, their story, + our mission.
this is Noonday Collection.

(at the bottom of this page, you can find my website link)

for those of you finding yourself intrigued by my journey as an Ambassador, by the mission + work of Noonday Collection, and/or by the stories of our artisan partners, come join us at my Noonday Collection launch show coming up in a couple of weeks! this is the perfect opportunity to learn more and to see the style + story of Noonday up close and personal.
it would seriously be so meaningful to have you join me in this journey too.
— meg
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