thanksgiving eve

Thanksgiving is so totally upon us and you know what? We're ecstatic. Everything I can think of relating to this time of year is all the bests. That’s not to say it’s perfect, understand. 

It’s the climactic ending to my very favorite season. It’s the planning and preparing for something out of the ordinary. It’s having friendsgiving and special times with our everyday tribe. It’s family visiting from out of state and the opening day of deer season. It’s kin from out of town starting Christmas shopping and continuing traditions. It’s changing the beds to flannel sheets and pulling out all the cozy blankets and sweaters. It’s more people at the grocery store and shelves stocked with baking goods. It’s fall commencement and a celebration of accomplishments. It’s baking late into the night and turning the Christmas tunes on, whenever you (I) want to. It’s the. best. comfort. food and leftovers for days. It’s time around the table and under one roof. It’s laughter and reminiscing. It’s the best, truly. It’s thanksgiving, ya turkeys!