HHH, a hope + a dream

A longing for creativity and community was planted in our hearts from the beginning. A vision for inspiration and connection set apart in a simple space and slow-moving time is the very vision of Holton Home + Harvest. Bringing together simplicity, vulnerability, creativity, truth, sustainability, and hope, HHH is a place to get inspired + be encouraged. 


Hello + welcome

We're so glad you made it here and we're looking forward to the journey ahead. 

Meet Meg + Nate

Two small town farm kids met over sandwiches in their college years. What began as a more than awkward encounter between two strangers, blossomed into a friendship, a marriage, and ultimately a partnership of conquering love and overwhelming joy. A couple of youngsters, ready to take on the world and their dreams, hoped for something beautiful and impactful to come. Growing up learning the importance of supporting the mom & pop businesses, witnessing the dedication required of entrepreneurs and business owners, and inheriting from farmer fathers the deep desire to provide for a family and a community, Meg and Nate dreamt together since the very start. Nate, a social worker by day, and Meg, a sign language interpreter by trade, are a couple of kids next door desiring to inspire hope and creativity + to encourage love and togetherness. 

To our tribe, 

First, thank you. Seriously, thank you for so many things. Thank you for joining us in the journey, for believing in this vision, for challenging us in love and in truth, and for dreaming along with us. You know our hope by now and it's this: to see us all propelled forward into the light and truth + to create a space for beautiful moments to be born. We are incredibly grateful for you, and we love you.
If we've yet to meet (virtually or otherwise), welcome. Pull up a chair, and we'll put on the tea. We're so glad you're here.